Bespoke services to cater
for your clients needs
Specialising in corporate services, asset protection and wealth management


Wealth Protection, Corporate restructuring, Risk Management, Merchant Banking and Payment Services are just some of the many services our international team and company group, has achieved for the benefit of our partners to navigate the ever-increasing challenges of operating in new markets.

Our bespoke service, combined with our global expertise, is designed to provide you with greater access to new growth opportunities.


Our holistic approach ensures that we are the one-stop partner for any
requirement of the
advisor of the entrepreneur.

✓Structured for the needs of the entrepreneur
✓Full suite of tailor-made services to support growth
✓ Expert support to help the company scale

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We firmly believe that any entrepreneur should be protected from the business risks they
whatever the professional path.

✓ Robust protection of clients’ wealth
✓ Prudent management of the portfolio
✓ Always has your clients’ best interests at heart

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From asset management to real estate protection, Northern Fides
understands the real
needs, and confidentiality, of a HNWI.

✓ Qualified professionals to take care of every aspect of wealth management
✓ Preserve clients’ wealth by working side by side
✓ Create healthy profit

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